Sterilizing Machine

As a cosmetic salon, we constantly strive to provide our guests with a safe, clean environment and the highest quality available. The use of the sterilizer machine plays a key role in this process.

We use countless tools every day, such as scissors, eyebrow tweezers, needles, nail files and other instruments. Proper cleaning of these devices is extremely important in order to provide a safe and hygienic environment for all our guests.

Our high-pressure sterilizer at 134 degrees disinfects all metal tools.

It provides a quick and easy solution to the high-level cleaning process while manually leaving an area where germs can survive, so definitely not!

With a disinfection process that is already popular abroad and also used medically, we provide you with reliable hygiene.

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Customizable kit

The tools that require the most disinfection are used for hand and foot care. Therefore, it is possible to purchase your own devices, which we seal and sterilize in sterilization bags with your signature. We only use these tools on your nails and skin.

Includes: leather cutting scissors, leather lifter, lift up 1 manicure head, deep clean 3 manicure heads, nail file

You only have to buy this package once!

Also, we put away the file of each of our regular guests by name, which belongs only to them. This is included in the price!