Waxing process


If it’s your first visit and you are not happy with us, you the results, you won’t have to pay for it or you can get your money back in two days.

Waxing steps:


  1. After properly preparing your skin we start waxing with a special wax on the intimate areas.
  2. After applying the wax in the same direction the hair grows, rip it off in the opposite direction. It works contrary if a wooden applicator to apply the wax. The necessity of strip depends on the type of the wax. It takes your hair 2-8 weeks to grow back, depends on your type, and it takes more time to grow back if we do this procedure regularly.
  3. In case of thicker hair (such as on the intimate area) the usage of spatula is necessary for the most efficient result. The intimate area requires special attention as the skin is more sensitive here and the hair is thicker.

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