Wax types

About the wax we work with

Our beauticians use a special elastic wax and spatula for the best result on the intimate area and underarms . It is specially developed for these areas. It can be applied easily with a thin layer wich makes you feel it less warm, as a with the result of more gentle usage. Furthermore, it is sufficiently flexible to be able to handle the thicker hair and it contains natural  ingredients which nestle your skin.

Waxing is a semi-permanent hair removal procedure, which removes the hair by the roots. It takes your hair 2-8 weeks to grow back, which depends on which growth cycle you are in at the time of the treatment. As a result of systematic repetitions the hair becomes thinner and it’s growth slows down. There are different types of waxes for example cold and hot ones.

The most natural wax is the sugar wax, which they use equally in warm and cold form.  In case of heating a strip is required for the process. The sugar wax has a lot of advantage like it contains only natural ingredients, it’s washable and it can be used without heating which reduces skin irritation.

Hot wax types

  • Soft wax – this type of wax is heated, applied on the skin with a roller or wooden applicator and then pulled off with the help of a textile strip. It is used for less sensitive areas and thinner hair such as legs, arms, chest, abdomen, back. It can be used on big surface on skin.
  • Hard wax– after heating and applied in small strips with a wooden applicator on the skin, it gets hard. It doesn’t need any textile strips in order to pull it of. One can simply pull it off with a quick pull. After hardening it still can be flexible or more rigid. This type of wax is used for more sensitive areas as intimate, underarms, moustache, eyebrows, cheek, neck. It is used on small surface and is more gentle to the skin as the soft wax.