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Relaxing massage- Full body
Swedish massage- Full body
Time Price Time Price
60 Minute 16.000 Ft 60 Minute 16.000 Ft
90 Minute 23.000 Ft 90 Minute 23.000 Ft

Relaxing Massage: During the relaxing massage, we use delicate, light strokes that help calm the nervous system, soul, and mind.

Swedish Massage: In addition to relaxation, it is a slightly stronger massage that is suitable for relieving muscle tension.

Back massage Leg, foot massage
Time Price Time Price
30 Minute 9.000 Ft 30 Minute 12.000 Ft
60 Minute 15.000 Ft 45 Minute 13.000 Ft

Back massage: Our back is one of the most stressed parts of our body, which supports our thorso, our core. Most people do sedentary work, which, together with a stressful lifestyle, causes certain muscles to tense and other muscles to weaken. The condition of our back affects our well-being and our life. Massage relaxes tense muscles, reduces stress and tension, and helps relieve muscle pain. Stimulating the muscles and tissues improves blood circulation, which helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

Leg and foot massage: You may have heard about the reflex zones on the feet. The entire body can be found on the feet, as reflex points. So, by pressing certain points, we can affect certain areas and organs of our body. Stimulating the reflex points of the foot starts the body’s self-healing processes. It can help reduce pain and improve overall health, energizing and stimulating lymphatic circulation, which helps remove toxins and strengthen the immune system.

Face, neck, decolletage massage Face, neck, decolletage, head massage
Time Price Time Price
30 Minute 13.000 Ft 30 Minute 13.000 Ft
45 Minute 17.000 Ft 45 Minute 17.000 Ft

Face, neck, decolletage, head massage: The coordinated effect of face and décolleté massage increases blood circulation, supports lymphatic circulation and relaxes muscles, increases collagen formation, which helps reduce wrinkles, improves skin texture and elasticity, and promotes a more youthful, radiant appearance.

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