IPL Prices



Eyebrow 5000 HUF
Between eyebrows 2500 HUF
Eyebrow+ between 6000 HUF
Cheeks 18750 HUF
Upper lip 5000 HUF
Upper lip+ chin 9400 HUF
Chin 6000 HUF
Sideburns 6000-9000 HUF
Neck 15000 HUF
Dewlap(under chin) 19000-25000 HUF
Whole face 18750 HUF
Nape 7500 HUF
Shoulders 19000 HUF
Back 44000-63000 HUF
Lower back 25000-31000 HUF
Chest 19000 HUF
Chest line 6000 HUF
Abdomen 25000-31000 HUF
Abdomen line 6-19000 HUF
Front 35000-43000 HUF
Upper arms 1/2 9000-16500 HUF
Upper arms 19000-31000 HUF
Lower arms 19000-25000 HUF
Arms 37000-56000 HUF
Underarms 11250 HUF
Butt+anus 15000-25000 HUF
Anus/buttock 6000 HUF
Bikini full
25000 HUF
Bikini line 11250 HUF
Upper legs 37000-56000 HUF
Lower legs 37000-50000 HUF
Whole legs 88000-110000 HUF
Feet 5000 HUF


Eyebrow 5000 HUF
Between eyebrows 3000 HUF
Eyebrow+ between 7500 HUF
Cheeks 25000 HUF
Moustache 6000 HUF
Moustache+chin 10000 HUF
Chin 7000 HUF
Sideburns 12500 HUF
Chin+moustache+sideburns+jaw 35000 HUF
Dewlap(under chin) 15000 HUF
Neck 15000 HUF
Dewlap+neck 25000 HUF
Nape 11250 HUF
Shoulders 19000-25000 HUF
Back 90000-105000 HUF
Lower back 25000-37000 HUF
Chest 31000-44000 HUF
Chest line 11250 HUF
Abdomen 43000-63000 HUF
Abdomen line 6000-15000 HUF
Front 63000-105000 HUF
Upper arms 1/2+shoulders 40000-54000 HUF
Upper arms 31000-43000 HUF
Lower arms 31000-43000 HUF
Whole arms 56000-88000 HUF
Underarms 12500 HUF
Butt 31000-44000 HUF
Anus 7500 HUF
Intimate 36250 HUF
Upper legs 81000-119000 HUF
Lower legs 69000-94000 HUF
Legs 151000-210000 HUF
Feet 7500 HUF


The prices are gross prices meant in HUF currency valid from 1st of February 2021 per treatment.

*The price depends from the size of the area. Some people have more some people have less hair than usual.

After some treatments, when the ammount of hair is much less you don’t have to pay the whole price. We count 500 HUF/ light impulse.

Please note that cancellations are accepted 24h prior to your due appointment. In case we apply 50% surcharge of the value upon your next appointment. Thank you for your understanding!


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Please give 2-4 time frames to find you appointment and also what type of treatment you want. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

How to find us?


Five minutes walking from Deák square metro station or by taking bus No. 105 station Bajcsy-Zsilinszky street. By car you can park on Andrássy Way or Káldy Gyula street. On weekdays from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. you have to pay for parking.

Opening hours:
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Sunday: Closed

1061 Budapest, Andrássy way 7. 1st floor 2.


+36 30 979 9919
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Phone reservation time: Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm, Saturday: 9am-11pm