About IPL


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You become hairless for many years, might last even a lifetime!

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The advantage of IPL(Intensive Pulsed Light) depilation is, that it lasts for approx. 3-5 years or even a lifetime if lucky. This, compared to waxing or shaving is much-much more, so many people choose this opportunity. You can save a lot of time, hassle, discomfort, because don’t have to worry about it so regularly. For definitive depilation of one area 6-8 or 10-12 sessions are needed depending on the body part and hair type, pigmentation, hormonal situation and the effect is guaranteed. The RESULT: smooth, young, silky skin for years. As side effect the IPL rejuvenates the skin, removes dots, fades wrinkles so it is also perfect as face treatment where 10 sessions are recommended each taken weekly. If we take the price, for some parts if we count long term it is cheaper than waxing e.g. bikini wax.


How it works?


The IPL works for hair which is in the active growing section, for the ones asleep or not growing is not effective. To have one area hairless more treatments are needed, which varies from 6-8 to 10-12 sessions. It works as follows. The dark pigments of the hair absorb the light till the root. The light of the IPL is transformed into heat which burns the root of the hair. Than the hair falls out within 2-3 weeks. In case of blond and white hair it doesn’t work because ther are no pigments in the hair to absorb the light. In case of dark skin like arabian, indian, african it doesn’t work because the skin is too dark, absorbs the light and burns.


What our IPL machine knows?

The application head is cooled down, which reduces pain as much as possible. The light goes through a sapphyre crystal. The light is uniformly emmited this way and excessive burn is prevented. Trough this technology the efficiency is also the highest. The reflector chamber is coated with 24K gold, which absorbs UV radiation and the skin is protected. We work with a 3rd generation IPL device, the emmited energy can rise to 50J/cm2, the lighter hair type can be treated and also success assured. What is still missing is a professional to work with it. In our salon Kati and Kriszti is the IPL expert.

We recommend the IPL treatments to those who stay for long in Hungary 1-2 years. It is worth finishing it.