Hand and foot care

We always try to give our guests the best available. Both in quality and atmosphere.

Quality and hygiene…

Our Emma is a sterilizing machine that ensures the cleanliness of our devices which is unique in our city as we pay particular attention to hygiene! Emma sterilizes the metal tools under high pressure at 134 degrees Celsius.

You also have the opportunity TO BUY THESE TOOLS IN A PACKAGE by name, and so we keep it EXCLUSIVELY for you!


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Our returning guests must be provided with their file by name, which is included in the price.

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In the flow of self-care and nurturing…

Beauty is not only about work, but also about fun and recharge. For real relaxation, choose one of our Spa Treatments, with a pampering massage, scents in a warm atmosphere. We are waiting for you with professionalism, drinks, snacks, coffee and tea!


A manicure generally includes the cleaning and maintenance of the nail and the skin around the nail. This also varies depending on what kind of manicure we are talking about.

Here you have the opportunity to try express, Russian, French, Japanese and classic manicures. You can request gel polish with hundreds of colors and shades.

Spa Manicure for Her

Our hands play an important role in everyday life. We often don’t realize it, but we owe a lot to our hands. Therefore, it is important to pamper them regularly in addition to regular grooming.

There are many nerve endings and meridian points in our hands, which is why hand massage has a beneficial effect on our entire body. Increases blood circulation with regularity, so nails grow stronger. Great refreshment after a tiring day.

Pedicure for Her and Him

Pedicure generally includes the maintenance and care of the skin of the feet, toenails and nails. With us, you can choose from several types of pedicures, an amazing foot revivng massage…  You can even have your nails done with gel polish!

Spa Pedicure for Self-Love…

We overload our feet, as it holds our entire body while working, walking, standing, running, sports. During the Spa Pedicure treatment, not only nails and calluses are treated, but we can also pamper our feet with a foot massage.

The leg muscles relax nicely through the massage, and our feet are much lighter as if we were walking on clouds. It improves posture, endurance, and increases blood circulation. The foot massage is one of the most popular massages!

Artificial nails

A beautifully done artificial nail just catches the eye. Today there are many varieties, which can be decorated with different colors, patterns, and gem stones.

An excellent choice for ladies, lovers of long nails!